Comfort Zone Challenge: Day One

I start my 30 day comfort zone challenge today. In 30 sleeps it will be my birthday and I wanted to feel like I have accomplished things this year; things that I’ve always wanted to do but have been putting off.

Even committing to starting this 30 day comfort zone challenge had me feeling the need to procrastinate, but I’m committed. In posting this, I’ve announced my intention. I hope you’ll hold me accountable!

I’ve been brain storming challenges that are suitable for the current climate with Covid-19 restrictions. There’s no crowd surfing on my list for example.

Motivate Me

I plan to announce my daily challenge around 9am (on Facebook) and complete it by end of day. For those of you who also want to challenge yourselves, I encourage you to complete any of these challenges with me…. that will help motivate me … especially if you include a comment on the Facebook post with evidence that you’ve completed the challenge too! Even better if you do it before me!!!

For example, today’s challenge is to go for a 20 minute jog. I’ve been lacking motivation to jog since I had a cold three weeks ago. I’m out of routine. I’ve never run daily, but for this month I wanted to begin the habit of daily jogs. I need to step out of my lazy zone and get moving again!!!

I find that mapping my run (using the app) helps motivate me, as I can track my progress (I’m a nerd and love to see results). I also listen to a playlist on Spotify (Esoteric Festival 2019) and the musical energy (R&B) keeps my body moving. Music also helps to dampen my monkey-mind. (See my blog about running from zombies)

So – I’ll go live today (on Facebook) after my 20 minute jog to share my experience; how I felt before my jog and how I feel afterwards.

Encourage Me

By publicly announcing my intentions I’m locked in to committing to this! Your encouragement will help motivate me, so please join me for a jog today (post proof on Facebook – a screen shot of your time/distance or a photo of your runners or a video summary describing your own challenge!)

The List

Here’s my current list of comfort zone challenges I plan to do over the next 30 days ….. suggestions for more challenges are welcome!

In no particular order:

1. Do a handstand for 4secs (will need to prepare my body for this!)
2. Jog daily (Day #1)
3. Learn poi
4. Fast for 24hours
5. Buy a van (to convert into tiny house)
6. Teach a class (live)
7. Learn a new song on guitar
8. Learn a new recipe
9. Give a fancy stranger a compliment
10. Leave a positive note for someone
11. Send a friend flowers, anonymously
12. Leave an uplifting message in chalk on the sidewalk in a high traffic area
13. Get up early to watch the sunrise

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