It’s easy to believe that between email, text, social media, and our dating apps that we are more connected and engaged than ever. However, studies show that we are growing increasingly lonely. Why? Because human beings are designed to be social, as in spending more time in-person—not less. This is one of the many reasons that Mojo Mingle works so well. We provide you with fun experiences that introduce you to new friends in a low-pressure, group environment. It’s the perfect way to unplug and boost your health!

Loneliness Has Increased During The Digital Age

Make no mistake, if you have friends or family who live out of the area—digital communication may be your primary way of staying connected. The key is to utilise email and social media to have meaningful conversations, not just short texts.

When it comes to your daily social life the less time spent socialising online, the better. Studies show that loneliness is on the rise, but after just one week of 30 minutes or less of daily social media, both loneliness and depression decrease. There is two primary reasons why:

  1. Social media messages or posts that don’t receive the likes or response you hoped for can leave you feeling isolated and rejected.
  2. Less time spent online encourages you to make plans with friends, family, or meeting a new guy or gal for coffee.

Socialisation Is Good For Your Health

We might talk more about the importance of socialisation for the retired generation, but a lack of socialisation is unhealthy for everyone. It can be hard putting yourself out there which is why Mojo Mingle plan fun activities that get you offline and in-person. And if you don’t find a date, no worries—you will make a few new friends.  Studies show that getting out and about can:

  •   Boost self-esteem
  •   Improve empathy
  •   Boost immunity
  •   Improve quality of life
  •   Decrease risk for obesity
  •   Reduce risk for high blood pressure and heart disease
  •   And more!

Decreased Risk For Dementia

With brain health of greater concern than ever before you might be looking for a proactive approach. Diet and exercise are essential, but also activities that exercise the pathways in your brain. This includes arts and crafts, brain games, extracurricular activities, and regular socialisation. Socialisation of any kind fits the bill. Chatting with your daily barista, lunch with coworkers, drinks with friends after work, volunteering, and anything that requires a direct social exchange.

Single And Too Shy To Put Yourself Out There? Give Mojo Mingle A Try!

Whether you are new to Melbourne, recently single, shy, or feel like it’s hard to meet new people—Mojo Mingle has you covered. We get you offline and in-person, participating in fun group activities. While your primary goal may be to find love, you are sure to make a few new friends too. We have low-pressure and fun activities like games night, rock climbing, wine and cheese night, dessert night, bowling, art classes, and more! We even host dating and relationship workshops.

We invite you to join Mojo Mingle today!

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Written by Joanne Silatei.

Joanne is a freelance writer, online marketer, and digital nomad. She loves to read, is a self-proclaimed foodie and is always up for new adventures.

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