Our services best suit people who are action takers. At our events you’ll meet people who are kinddown-to-earth, open-minded, fun-loving and/or young-at-heart. We all prefer face-to-face connections and have innovated to successfully host online connection-based events, perform introductions and deliver trainings / classes.


“Like A Sorority”

Sisterhood Network (Club)

  • Private group: referral based entry
  • Meet up with new friends (online / offline)
  • Accountability buddy
  • Support to achieve your goals
  • Motivation to get $hit done
  • Join matchmaking database (optional)
  • Referral based dates
  • Monthly Zoom Q&As with experts
  • Fun & health-orientated activities to participate in
  • Singles and non-singles


  • Welcome call (book below)
  • Womxn Only (gender fluid/ inclusive)
  • Everyone is a talent scout. Know at least TWO single (available) men whom you refer your single sisters to. It is your responsibilty to ensure the men have their $hit together and are emotionally available.

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“Dating By Design”

Matchmaking For Men

(Who Have Their $hit Together)

Ready for a commited relationship with a genuine womxn? We do the hard work for you eg finding and filtering appropriately aged singles who are compatible, available and ready to date you. This service best suits men who have their $shit together; business owners, professionals, and atypical tradesmen (no bogans thanks!).

  • 6 month premium matchmaking (personalised service)
  • In-depth questionairre analysis plus non-negotiables discussion
  • 6 to 10+ compatible matches as required
  • Date planning for success plus date review and feedback
  • Monthly Zoom Q&As with experts (bonus)


  • Download the ‘Dating By Design’ handbook to read (here)
  • Welcome call (book here)
  • Men only (heterosexual)
  • Time to go on dates and/or be in a relationship

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“The Art of Human Connections”

3 Hour Masterclass

  • People (especially singles) who attend social networking, or speeddating events, need to be able to develop rapport if they seek genuine connections and relationships. An inability to develop rapport (or in other words, an inability to spark a person’s interest or engage them in an interesting conversation) often makes all the difference in someone you fancy choosing to meet up with you again… or not.
  • This masterclass has been specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge (theory) and the practical skillset to succeed at singles gatherings, speed-dating events, at general networking occasions or during one-on-one dates.


  • None


  • Internet, web camera, microphone and speakers
  • Watch this Zoom tutorial

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“Teach Me To Fish”

(Womxn; Become Your Own Matchmaker)

Did you know many dating agencies sell smart, successful womxn matchmaking packages despite not having a sufficient number of suitable male matches to introduce them to? And… interestingly, did you know that men significantly outnumber womxn on dating apps? It’s puzzling, but reassuring to discover that great single men are out there, yet, very few of them invest in matchmaking. Therefore, we help womxn (like you) invest your valuable time, energy and money more wisely by equipping you with knowledge and skills to catch your own compatible partner.

The course includes:

  • Self-awareness; recognise your value 
  • My ideal partner and red flags 
  • Create a relationship intention 
  • Make a vision board for clarity (it’s fun!) 
  • Action! Outline steps to find your man 
  • The Art of Human Connection (masterclass)


  • Welcome call (book here)

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Over 80% of Mojo Mingle event attendees highly recommend our services.

We try hard yet we aren’t perfect.  This is normal and typical of every person using our service. We are constantly aiming to improve our service to meet desires of our community.