Our services best suit people who are action takers. At our events you’ll meet people who are kinddown-to-earth, open-minded, fun-loving and/or young-at-heart. We all prefer face-to-face connections.  We are constantly innovating and are proud to now offer online connection-based events, curated singles gatherings, personal introductions and confidence trainings / classes.


“Let’s Meet Up”

Social Gatherings 


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People at Dinner


“The Art of Human Connections”

3 Hour Masterclass

  • People (especially singles) who attend social networking, or speeddating events, need to be able to develop rapport if they seek genuine connections and relationships. An inability to develop rapport (or in other words, an inability to spark a person’s interest or engage them in an interesting conversation) often makes all the difference in someone you fancy choosing to meet up with you again… or not.
  • This masterclass has been specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge (theory) and the practical skillset to succeed at singles gatherings, speed-dating events, at general networking occasions or during one-on-one dates.

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    “Offline Valentine”

    A Social Experiment

    Offline Valentine is a social experiment using a famous set of 36 questions that were designed by psychologists to create connection.
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    #4 LOVE

    “Dating By Design”



    • Complete Matching Registration form
    • Choose appointment (Calendar)
    • After our call, make payment (PayPal / PayID to 0414030774 / Bank Transfer)
      • Invoice emailed to you after our call if you choose to proceed
    • Allow 1-4 weeks for matchmaker to coordinate your mini-event-for-two
    • Plan your date with support
    • Attend date, keeping in mind goals for success (see above)
    • Complete Highlights & Reflection form immediately after each date
    • Discuss feedback, success outcomes and areas of improvement with matchmaker
    • Arrange a 2nd and 3rd date … (Repeat steps 9 & 10)


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    Over 80% of Mojo Mingle event attendees highly recommend our services.

    We try hard yet we aren’t perfect.  This is normal and typical of every person using our service. We are constantly aiming to improve our service to meet desires of our community.