Mojo Mingle was born with a mission to prioritise connection.

As a social butterfly, traveller, and shy singleton, I (Sarah) founded the business out of sheer frustration with the online dating disaster that was common amongst my friends.

In a society where swiping is second nature, I wanted to help people get back to basic relationship building.

During my worldly adventures, I connected with some truly amazing people and developed tight-knit friendships. These relationships began from simply sharing experiences.

Tired of requests for takeaway sex and being treated disrespectfully by men in the online atmosphere, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was baffled by the lack of authenticity that’s so characteristic of hook ups and Internet dating.

Even guys I’d matched with online, were telling me horror stories of scams and false photos etc.

For me, experiences are the best way to connect with people.

Secondary to my affinity for organising catch ups with friends, I came to realise my ability to bust through social anxiety and build networks.

The key ingredient being to create opportunities for similar-minded people to hang-out; opportunities that are geared toward shared interests.

It seemed logical to create Mojo Mingle as an alternative to the online world of disposable connections.

At the heart of the business is a desire for true connection. Everyone wants to be loved, honoured and valued, and that’s where Mojo Mingle advocates for those who are single.


  • ✓   Create fun activities where people can meet each other, share experiences and bond.
  • ✓   Build a community who enjoy socialising and engaging in face-to-face conversations.
  • ✓   Organise safe environments for people to come together and enjoy the benefits of being social.
  • ✓    Create a stigma-free service that assists people who seek a romantic relationship.
  • ✓    Support local and ethical businesses.
  • ✓    Be innovative, open-minded, inclusive and value diversity.
  • ✓    Support people in their journey to achieve the life they dream about.



Mojo Mingle offers more than singles events. We’re a social network. Carefully curated networking events create opportunities for you to take part in, and connect.

Relax amongst like-minded folk in a safe environment. Meet real live humans and share an experience.

Take your time and invite people to get to know you.

This isn’t speed dating. You don’t need to sit through a conversation that’s stifling, or spend five minutes talking to someone you’re not vibing with.

You create the flow.

Mojo Mingle members (Minglers) invest their time and energy getting to know each other, and we help you maintain those connections.

Mojo Mingle is happy for provide a forwarding service: we can forward your number on to anyone you’ve met at an event. We also have a few closed Facebook groups.

Connecting is easy!

STEP 1 – Choose an event
STEP 2 – Book a ticket
STEP 3 – Have fun with us

Note: bookings are essential.



Mojo Mingle aims to deliver an exceptional service. We traditionally connect people through offline social networking opprotunities. Since Covid-19, we have been hosting virtual events too!

We rely on positive community participation for success. Therefore, everyone involved with Mojo Mingle is expected to act with integrity.

We encourage ‘Minglers’ to honour their appointments, communicate openly, attend events as planned, arrive on time, be authentic, honest and reliable, respect personal boundaries, ask for consent before initiating intimacy and settle any outstanding payments before leaving.

We need to know that you’re a solid human, so show up, be integral and do the right thing.


Socialising is scientifically proven to boost self-esteem and improve mental health.

Mojo Mingle events combine socialising with activities. Physical activities such as bike riding, walking, running, playing games, climbing, bowling and water sports allow Mojo Mingle members to maintain an active lifestyle, whilst having fun and making new friends.

Venues are thoughtfully chosen to cater for special dietary requirements. Our gatherings are smoke and drug-free environments, and generally don’t have an alcohol focus.

Our events are planned to respect the health of our Mojo Mingle members and the planet.

We support local, sustainable and ethical businesses.

Check out our latest events here


Mojo Mingle and its community recognise and value diversity. Members differ in all respects. Differences in age, gender, sexual orientation, relationship status, physical ability, ethnicity, religious beliefs, race, socio-economic status, education and anything else is celebrated.

Everyone has a unique story to share.

Mojo Mingle events acknowledge individual preferences and help connect like-minded people. Of course, we understand that not everyone wants to attend a sit down dinner, or be active in nature, so we plan various activities to suit Mojo Mingle members.

You can meet up with us at local venues to save you time on travel, or you can explore destinations further afield to broaden your horizons. Mojo Mingle runs in-person events to keep you on your toes and our virtual events can be accessed globally.


Mojo Mingle respects your privacy. We have no public profiles.

Personal information and preferences are collected from our members to guide services and event planning. This useful information helps us tailor events to the taste of our Mojo Mingle members.

Our house rules (see below) and Terms and Conditions are in place to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Mojo Mingle members, and staff, are to treat each other with respect at all times.

Are you picking up what we’re putting down?



Avoiding anti-social behaviours

1.  Be inclusive and friendly

Introduce yourself to at least three other
people at events and put in effort to get
to know people (AKA networking).

2. Have your mobile phone on silent and out of sight.

Our in-person social events are mobile free zones.
Need to take an important call or text? Excuse yourself from the group.
This show of courtesy will be well received by other attendees as respectful and polite.

Of course, we understand that our virtual events may require mobile use to join us!

3. Keep in touch with people you meet at events. Give your contact details. Do not ask someone for their number.

Missed the opportunity to share your details? No problem. Submit an event feedback form within 48 hours after the event and request Mojo Mingle to forward your details via SMS.

Wondering why people aren’t calling you?
Click here to find out.

” I really enjoyed our conversation … here’s my number (give business card or your digits written on a piece of paper). Hopefully we can catch up for another
chat or a drink sometime. “

4. Our events are smoke free zones.

Mojo Mingle suggests abstaining from smoking during social events to maximise your time spent being social. If necessary, smoke well away from the group to ensure Mojo Mingle members aren’t subjected to second-hand smoke. On the same note, Mojo Mingle events are drug-free zones.

5. Be courteous.

Notify Mojo Mingle by SMS 0414 030 774 if your plans change last minute. This is a show of courtesy to the event host and other event attendees.

Avoid being a “no show” and arrive on time, thus ensuring the smooth process of welcoming and introducing guests.

Pay-as-you-go when ordering food and drinks at events (unless included). Bring cash.

NOTE: An apology is always welcome when a strike is earned #integrity

6.  3-strikes & Game Over ?

Failure to abide by a house rule earns one strike ❌. 

Three strikes ❌ and membership is suspended; no refunds. See T&Cs for more info. Usage and access to Mojo Mingle services will be revoked.