“Fill your life with experiences , not things.

Have stories to tell, not stuff to show”



Browse photos (and videos) from our favourite experiences and events. 


Eat, drink, laugh and share stories together at local restaurants, cafes and bars. Dinners generally centre on the food we’re enjoying. There’s many other events which include a food component: for example, we might grab a coffee before walking, or meet up for dessert before seeing a gig.

Outdoor Adventures

Walking in the bush or along beach fronts, enjoying a picnic while watching the sunset, riding push-bikes (and maybe even motorbikes), playing mini-golf, lawn-bowls, taking a surf lesson or throwing a frisbee… when it comes to making connections, outdoor adventures are the preferred type of activities amongst the Mojo Mingle community.

Indoor Activities

Conversations start more naturally when you share common experiences with people. Leave your excuses at home, and come out to join us for an activity that you’re already interested in… the rest is all bonuses! It’s events like this where new friends come together. So, what are you waiting for?


Games nights are when the big kids come out to play, and don’t we love it?!?! This is true brain candy… and you never know, there might even be some smokin’ eye candy at the table as a bonus! It’s not all cards and board games though….

Day Trips

Day Trips are one of the events which are relatively new to Mojo Mingle. We love spending extended time together. Got nothing better to do on your weekend? Escape the hustle and bustle of city life to discover what lies beyond. Create fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.


Learning is fun, especially when we’re doing it together. What are you curious about? Have you ever learnt to salsa dance, paint with acrylics, blend your own herbal teas? Bounce ideas off others and share your achievements with like-minded people. Oh, and of course, become more intelligent than you already are* 😉

*no guarantees

Virtual Events

Since Covid-19 (early 2020) shook the world and turned being social inside-out, we’ve been hosting online experiences. Despite our resistance to connecting through digital devices, we embrace opportunities that technology offers, and have created virtual events that are fun and interactive. Virtual events are also ideal for people who live remotely or have limited resources (time, money) in relation to attending in-person (offline) events.