“We do not stop playing because we grow old.
We grow old because we stop playing.”
Benjamin Franklin


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Arcade Games

Step back in time and discover a treasure trove of arcade-style games. Grab a controller, choose your character, and compete against each other for a round or two of Mario cart. Try your luck with the pin ball machines. Don’t forget to bring coins… those machines are thirsty!

Ten Pin Bowling

“Great organisation. Really enjoyed the activities and meeting new people” RR, 35

Board Games

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the night” RM

Celebrity Heads

Bring along your favourite board games or make up a game on the night… like we did! Celebrity Heads works really well as an ice-breaker at our larger events, helping you to mix and mingle and begin conversations with more people earlier on.

Jigsaw Puzzles

“Was really good! Good interaction first up, then the puzzle got everyone involved and got to show us who knows what. Drinks afterwards was great too.” ME, 31

Lego Play

Lego isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… and that’s great. When we do come together to play, it’s because we all share an interest in the little blocktastic beauties. Come along and be a lego nerd with us!


From a young age, we made friends in the playground as a result of the games we played. Having fun together is our innate way of learning about each other. Working with others and sharing an experience helps forge friendships and relationships that have a solid foundation. It’s time for some fun. What will you join us for?


“The two truths and a lie was a good ice breaker. I enjoyed the puzzle room.” KC, 44

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