“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”
– Irish Proverb


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Escape Room

Attempting to bowl a strike, testing your putting skills, browsing night market stalls, seeing a film, belting out a karaoke song and learning to dance, are just some of the indoor experiences that you could join us for.


“Really great support to help attend my first group activity, a lot of people were new to the group. Great way to meet new people! Definitely go again.” KB, 34

Lego Play

“It was a really fun night, I liked how relaxed it was – there wasn’t any pressure. I will definitely attend another event.” CM

Ten Pin Bowling

Indoor activities are a perfect escape from the summer heat or pouring rain, and are particularly popular in winter when everyone wants to keep warm!


“The two truths and a lie was a good ice breaker. I enjoyed the puzzle room.” KC, 44

Rock Climbing

“The venue was great as people had a chance to get something to eat (affordable), and drinks at the bar. I was able to chat to new people before, during and after trivia. The venue wasn’t too loud which made it easier to have conversations. I stayed until about 11pm until we got kicked out (the venue wanted to close) with a few other new (Mojo Mingle) members after Trivia, talking to them, to get to know them. For me, that was a successful night.”


Be brave, try something new. Join us for activities that you’ve never tried before. Life becomes more interesting when you live outside the box.

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