“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”  ― Winston Churchill

Virtual Events (Online)

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Apart We Connect

Enjoy the e-company of others by participating in our fun, interactive virtual events. Online experiences are an easy way to maintain social ties and create new relationships. Connect through desktop, tablet or smartphone.

View our tutorial for using Zoom here.

Curious Questions

With an emphasis on asking open-ended questions and listening to each other, we’re able to connect through sharing stories and experiences. Bring along your own quirky enquiries or draw from the questions we supply. Connecting with new people is much easier when tools for fresh conversations are provided, thus allowing you to simply relax and enjoy developing rapport with future friends.

Similar Interests

Virtual events are an easy way to connect with like-minded people. Take part in a topical discussion group, or boost your mojo at our monthly Mojo Meditation class. Virtual events can boost your motivation levels and inspire you to try new things. Meet people near and far who share common interests, or, simply come along to broaden your knowledge base.

Watch our Van Lifers discussion event here.

Online Valentine

Online Valentine grants singles the opportunity to meet quality people who are ready and committed to meeting someone special. This curated event takes you on a discovery of connection with an intimate group of hand-selected singles that we believe you’ll enjoy meeting. As you connect with others, take a moment to savour the experience and discover the power of intentional questions. Mojo Mingle guests are often pleasantly surprised by the positive energy at our events and the calibre of friendly people that they meet. The key to success is to come along with an open mind and fair expectations.

Play Interactive Games

Virtual events allow you to play games, enjoy supper together, and chat face-to-face (just like in real life) except you can do so from the comfort of your own couch! Browse other experiences offered by clicking a button below.

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