Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”  
― Napolean Hill




There’s two types of people in life; the spectators and those who take action.

Spectators prefer to live life inside their comfort zone.

Spectators often miss out on getting what they really want. Their lives become ordinaryboring and mundane.

Action takers, on the other hand, take chances that ultimately enrich their lives.

Action takers understand the value of stepping out of the comfort zone to learn and grow.

Mojo Mingle welcomes all action takers to join our tribe.

You’ll fit in perfectly if you’re down-to-earth, open-minded, fun-loving and young-at-heart.

Before choosing a social plan, take a moment and ask yourself: what do I really want?

 We help singles to build confidence, to have fun, to make friends, or to find a partner OR all of the above!

Take action today.

The first step is selecting the best plan for you…


Mojo Mingle operates a highly successful match-making event called “Offline Valentine” which takes place annually in capital cities across Australia. Following extremely encouraging feedback from our clients, Mojo Mingle is preparing an ongoing match-making service. Applications open soon for singles who’d prefer us to find them someone special. Our match-making service includes a welcome dinner, during which we explain the processes involved in finding and determining matches. It’s important to us that our clients understand that we have their best interests at heart. Coaching sessions to complement our match-making, and therefore increase dating success, are highly recommended, and included in the service.


Look out for each other at events. If you’ve met two individuals who you believe would make a good match, simply complete a post-event feedback form and let us know. Our team can arrange an introduction if both parties are keen. How easy is that?



Relationship Values

In collaboration with Stephen Taylor

A fun and engaging session that looks at the number
one thing we should do before starting a relationship.

This session helps you:

  • Define the foundations of a great relationship
  • Save time and energy by making it easier to find meaningful and strong relationships
  • Boost your motivation to go out and find not just any relationship but find “your relationship”

Come along and relax in a positive and constructive environment, with a select group, for an enjoyable session that could prove to be a game changer.

Wakeup to Makeup

In collaboration with Amorenda

Amorenda, believes that makeup accentuates holistic aesthetics. In this workshop we’re going to create a conscious connection between cosmetics and communication.

In this workshop we’ll:

  • Dispel modern makeup myths
  • Set an intention
  • Develop a ritual
  • Restore body boundaries
  • Build self confidence

You’ll walk away with an awareness of how to use makeup tools to transition from clueless to creative.

Work with the mind, body and spirit to implement tools and tricks to become your most sexy, sassy self.

Date Ready AKA Event Ready

Need a bit more confidence to score a date? Feeling worried or shy about social events? Does striking up conversations with strangers seem intimidating?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this workshop is a great place to start your journey with Mojo Mingle.

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Learn how to capture people’s attention
  • Develop the skill of starting engaging conversations
  • Practice the art of banter
  • Build the confidence to maintain interesting conversations
  • Become more comfortable using body language
  • Gain confidence relating to potential suitors

Let’s get back to basics. Step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge. Uncover your hidden confidence and ready yourself for what lies ahead! Events or dates – woohoo!

Confidence in Style

In collaboration with Toula

Tired of wasting time choosing the right outfit? Does your wardrobe fail to flatter you? Want to look and feel great, especially for an important date?

This is your solution…. and it’s perfect for all genders.

In this workshop, a professional stylist will cover tips and tricks for you to look and feel great!

We’ll explore:

  • How to create your style
  • Your style and what it says about you
  • Choosing outfits that boost your confidence
  • Wardrobe tips & tricks to consider before a date
  • Style dos & don’ts


The Mojo Mingle community (and friends) are invited to enjoy a series of entertaining (and educational) talks delivered by experienced dating coaches. These sessions are not to be missed!

The Art of Online Dating

Whether you’re new to the world of dating online, or experiencing burn-out from fruitless swiping and typing, then this talk is going to be a real game changer. With an avalanche of dating apps available at your finger tips, knowing which ones to use, and how to succeed on the them, can save you hours of wasted time figuring it all out. This talk offers expert tips for navigating the online dating realm. Learn to date like-a-boss; to market yourself, score quality matches, and convert those messages into successful dates.

Design and Direction

Had a recent breakup? Consider yourself an experienced dater? Unlucky in love? No matter what your single story is, this talk has something for you. Discover why you need to become intentional when it comes to dating. Instead of relying on serendipity, improve your chances of finding love by being specific in your search. Design your dating compass to help guide you in the right direction.

Dating mistakes and how to avoid them

Modern-day-dating is a jungle! It’s inevitable that singles end up feeling lost and tangled. As the e-dating world continues to gain momentum, more people are reporting headaches experienced in their search for a date and a way out of the jungle. Dating mistakes are all too common, causing hurt to innocent hearts with acts like ghosting and trolling. The dating game is more challenging than ever before for all involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve the score as we reveal 10 dating mistakes you can avoid to keep you on track and tangle free!

Get Date Ready

Ready to take your dating game to the next level? Looking to boost your confidence levels so you can perform better on your next date? This talk includes stories of inspiration, offering you insight into how men and women think and what impresses them the most. With this new found knowledge you’ll be better equipped to turn a great first impression into an everlasting connection.


Guest Coaches & Facilitators

Anton Harrison-Kern

Anton has an impressive 20 years experience running his own company and has a strong focus on business consulting and change management.

He thrives in group coaching situations and engages attendees by bringing insight and humour to every session. He is able to match and mirror any group culture and ensures that content is delivered in an easily understandable way”

Why do you coach? “I coach because seeing people fulfil on what is important to them is totally fulfilling to me.”

Interesting fact: “I once kicked myself in the face and broke my own nose!”

Creator of ‘Style Identity’ and mum of two incredible boys.

Why do you coach?Working in retail for over 24 years I realised people needed an easier way to shop. Transforming people’s minds and wardrobes makes my role gratifying and sparks incredible joy.

Interesting fact: “My real name is Agorastoula. In Greek “Agora” means market place. So that means I was born to do what I do.”

Toula Vogdanos

Steve Taylor

Creator of TF ProCoach; course instructor, facilitator and professional coach.

Why do you coach? “From a young age I had the passion, and drive, to reach my full potential. This passion lead me through a large variety of professions including automotive, personal training and presenting on health and well-being.”

“Behind all of this lay a single purpose to help others achieve and get the most from every day. This led me to study a Diploma of Coaching and achieve international recognition for my skills and knowledge.”

Interesting fact: “I have never been overseas, however there are many places I would like to visit like the snowy mountains of Japan and the beaches of Brazil. “

Amorenda qualified as a Napoleon Makeup Artist in 2002. She gets excited helping people love the skin they’re in. She offers tools for transformation, consultations to integrate the spiritual and physical embodiment of beauty, plus tools to build confidence and balance aesthetic beauty inside and out.

Why Wakeup To Make Up? “My sister Vanessa inspired me to get into makeup artistry. I loved helping her with ideas for fashion and interior design at TAFE. I wanted to be the editor of a beauty magazine because I was literally obsessed by the beauty I saw in the world around me.
Over the years my concept of beauty evolved to include the beauty within, and that’s how I got into holistic bodywork. This is an umbrella term which takes into account the impact of hair, makeup and personal style, combined with breath, bodywork, exercise and nutrition, in the wider context of spirituality and sensual expression.
Wakeup to Makeup moves away from stereotypical material beauty to bring in broader definitions of beauty. When we really let this inner beauty shine through, it shows in our skin, our eyes and our expression. We can then accentuate the beauty that’s within, which is far more attractive than any false rendition of self could ever be.”


Melbourne Dating Coach

Looking for a coach to assist with your dating life? Dating coaches offer an extremely tailored service for both men and women seeking a long-term relationship. Discover ways to give your online dating profile an edge over the competition; learn how to enhance your chances of meeting the right one for you; uncover what’s been holding you back from finding love, or delve into improving your role in a courtship, and a partnership, to ensure your next relationship lasts.

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