Choose from Mojo Mixer, Curated Singles and Matchmaking social plans. Whether you’re reserved or outgoing, you’ll fit in perfectly if you’re down-to-earth, open-minded, fun-loving and young-at-heart. Our social plans are flexible. Monthly and non-recurring payment options are available. Non-members are welcome to attend events too.

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Mojo Mixer

  • Special discounts eg $20+ off tickets to events
  • Complimentary forwarding post event (x1 value $10 per event)
  • Free events eg Mojo Meditation (Soft Skills Development)
  • Access coaching videos (expert interview series)
  • Events planned with your availability in mind
  • Customer care / support via SMS
  • Social mixers
  • Singles gatherings
  • Offline (in-person) events
  • Online (virtual) events
  • Increases motivation to achieve goals

I’m ready to mingle!

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Curated Singles Events

  • Mojo Mixer inclusions, plus:
  • Invitation only, tailored events with you in mind eg hand-selected dinner for six: location, similar stage of life (age), values, interests, education etc
  • Join database for consideration with premium matchmaking clients
  • Download Curated Singles Events Handbook for more info (here)

Plan events for me!

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Dating By Design 6 Month Program [Premium Matchmaking]

  • Complimentary welcome call (<1hour) to connect, answer your questions, and help you decide if this program is a good fit for you.
  • In-depth profile analysis plus non-negotiables discussion
  • 6 to 10+ compatible matches as required (extensions possible)
  • Date planning for success + review and feedback
  • Download the Dating By Design handbook form more info (here)

Find me a Match!

Over 80% of Mojo Mingle event attendees highly recommend our services.

We try hard yet we aren’t perfect.  This is normal and typical of every person using our service. We are constantly aiming to improve our service to meet desires of our community.


A message from Sarah, our matchmaker:

“A matchmaker helps proactive singles to meet a compatible partner. In other words, matchmaking is a tailored dating experience for paid clients. As a matchmaker my role is to understand my client and what they want. For example, if you were my client I’d learn about your values, your interests, your dating and relationship journey so far, and your future life goals. Then, I analyse my database, and perhaps even draw from my network, to carefully select someone special to introduce you to.

These days with Internet dating, there are numerous options available for singles to meet each other, however these avenues often require a lot of time, energy, skills and luck. Dating apps are overly time consuming and success is highly dependent on a person’s confidence, levels of effort and commitment and, of course, communication skills. In a similar vein, generic singles events and singles bars attract a random mix of people who may, or may not, share interests and values.

Mojo Mingle and Offline Valentine attracts fun-loving professionals, experienced travellers, people who enjoy outdoor activities, many who tend to lean left politically, people with an interest in health or personal development, and ALL prefer extended face-to-face conversations. We love human connection.

Historically I’ve hosted every social event on our calendar, allowing sufficient time to interact with, and observe, all singles who attend Mojo Mingle and Offline Valentine events. The time I’ve invested being social with members of our community pays off greatly for premium clients, because I’m personally vetting potential matches for them.

While matchmaking is highly intuitive, the process also includes extensive data collection and analysis. I know this sounds boring but it’s colourful and takes only 15 minutes to complete. All up, your answers give a clearer indication of what you’re looking for in a partner, and what your deal-breakers might be, thus helping to guide the matching process.

Disclaimer: despite my best efforts to match compatible people, there is no guarantee that chemistry or attraction will be instant, or develop at all. In my own personal dating experiences, my relationships each began with friendship first, and over-time I was pleasantly surprised to discover a physical attraction that wasn’t apparent at first sight. This is why I prefer to work with open-minded people who can entertain the idea that romantic relationships can grow from a solid foundation of friendship first. This is where “Dating By Design” comes into play… “



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