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We’ve recreated the magic of our in-person (offline) events for you to enjoy in the virtual (online) world #stayconnected

Newbies Bundle

Is something holding you back from attending events?

I often receive text messages from new subscribers who label themselves as “a rabid introvert” or “a bit shy at first” when it comes to meeting people and starting conversations.

This hesitation prevents them from attending events and achieving their goals.

And I get it – meeting strangers was never my thing either. I was painfully shy growing up and I am still learning to overcome “approach avoidance”.

Over the last 15-20 years I’ve done a lot of work to expand my comfort zone, to the point that I’m now hosting social gatherings and helping others overcome their fears in order to be social with us.

I’ve packaged up several mini-coaching sessions into a “Newbies Bundle” which is designed to transform you from a cautious observer to a confident participant.

The Newbies Bundle includes:

  • what to expect and how to prepare for Mojo Mingle social events
  • tips for starting interesting conversations
  • curious questions to develop rapport
  • clever tricks for playing our ice-breaker games like a pro
  • easy and fun mindfulness exercises that help lower your nerves before a social gathering